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Why we exist?

Our first start-up was selected as one of the top 20 young start-ups of our state in just 1 year. But it collapsed.

No, it’s not the competition. The methods we used to market and manage our business were less effective.

It’s been very long since then. We learned various lessons while working with numerous other startups and businesses.

Building a Startup demands sleepless nights and consistent work. Losing your business because of small errors is soul-crushing. We don’t want the same thing to happen with other startups. 

This led us to the birth of Content Bliss. We educate people for our mission of empowering 1 Million Indian entrepreneurs. And we serve to sustain ourselves.

“Good content solves problem, and adds value to the life of your audience.”


Harshit Khandelwal

Harshit Khandelwal

Content Creator

Do you know how some start-ups and small businesses hustle to establish their presence online?

He simplifies it by crafting online strategy for businesses and help them to apply it in the most affordable way.

He has an experience of three and a half years in Website Content, Blogging, and SEO Copywriting.

Harshit worked with Infi-league Motorsports, College Conexion, Infi-Robo, and some technical and non-technical startups to optimize their website content strategy.

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